Welcome to This Outnumbered Mama!


Hi everyone! For those of you who have found me through my old blog: welcome (back)!  For those of you who are just finding me: welcome!

I’ll keep this post short, though I can’t say the rest will be as succinct, but I am SO very happy to be blogging again (yay!).  I had to step away for a while, but have recently found a need to reconnect.  I tried Twitter for a while, but it hasn’t allowed me the interactions I hoped it would and I’ve pretty much stopped going on.  I’ve also been playing around on Instagram and like the platform, but I need a place where I can write more and connect differently with others.

That’s it for today, feel free to swing by tomorrow for my first recurring weekly post: “lunchpiration” where I’ll be sharing ideas for school (or home lunches).  Hope to see you then!


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