Ten Thought Tuesday

Ten Thought Tuesday: March 12th 2019

Hi everyone!

I haven’t done one of these in forever, but I feel like being random today so…

  1. I finally sewed my bento bag!  Yay, I can put a little check mark beside my objective!  I had to finish my edges with a zigzag stitch which works fine, but is rather time-consuming because of having to trim the edges after.  I don’t do enough sewing to justify buying a serger, but have been looking into buying an overlock foot.  Thoughts?
  2. Adrien is now starting to position himself on all fours.  Yike, he’s likely going to be mobile soon!  Check out my Instagram feed to see him in action!
  3. Over the weekend, I went to Ottawa with my parents, siblings, brother-in-law, husband and Adrien.  My little sister is getting married in June and my parents, husband and brother went out to buy some clothes for the big day.  It was a nice change of pace from the usual weekends and though the older kids were absolutely exhausted when they got home (Charles’ slept at a friend’s house and Amélie and Elliot slept at my sister-in-law’s house) they had a great time.
  4. So, daylight savings time…I’ve always hated it (I mean, who likes losing an hour of sleep?), but now that I’m a parent, it annoys me even more.  It always takes a good week for the kids to adjust to it.
  5. Yesterday, I was on fire!  I made an angel food cake with the leftover egg whites from making mayonnaise and a double batch of citrus-cocoa bread with the leftover orange and grapefruit slices from this weekend’s breakfast.  I also accidentally made candy by forgetting about my citrus cake glaze and allowing it to reduce for too long.
  6. Tonight, we’re eating shrimp with fresh tagliatelle and a spicy garlic tomato sauce with swiss chard.  Yummy!  What are you eating tonight?
  7. I need to go to Bulk Barn today to fill up on some necessities for the week.  We’re out of granola and grains amongst other things.
  8. I think the Winter cold is finally behind us!  It’s forecasted to be above or around the freezing point this week and the next.  I can’t tell you how eager I am to finally be able to ditch the Winter gear (in about a month) until next October!
  9. With luck, the snow and ice will even melt enough to allow us to dislodge our large wheeled trash can and bring it to the curb for the first time since January 3rd.  If we manage to have it emptied this Thursday (because it is definitely full now), it will have taken us 10 weeks to fill it up enough to warrant bringing it to the curb!
  10. I’m planning on going out for a run this evening once the kids are in bed.  I’ve been struggling with getting back into my routine and haven’t gone out since the end of January and frankly, I’m missing it!  I’m having trouble balancing everything in my life lately though and am generally exhausted by the time the kids are down for the night.  I know that making my husband’s and Charles’ lunches for tomorrow during my day instead of waiting until the kiddos are in bed to do them will help motivate me because at least I won’t be stressed about having to get them done before or after running and I’ll be able to enjoy my run more.

I hope you are having a great day!  What’s on your mind this Tuesday?

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