How Do You Reset Your Mind?

Yesterday, I had a bad day.

I mean, I was bitten and hit.  I burned myself and had to throw away some food because I messed up.  I had to clean up too many pee accidents to count a mere minutes after asking my toddler if he needed to pee.  I almost missed Charles’ drop off after school because I was busy handling Amélie and Elliot who were NOT doing nap time properly.  I spent the better part of my day carrying my teething and cranky baby.  I did not have time to tidy up, or play the flute, or get any veggies on the table to serve with supper.

I’m actually surprised that despite everything that happened, I actually managed to remain calm all day and not allow myself to lose my temper with my kids.  But to be honest, once the kids were in bed and the lunches made, I needed to find a way to reset.  I needed to find a way to put aside everything that had happened during the day, to just empty my mind and move on.

Usually, I would have gone out for a run, but considering the day I’d had and how tired I was, my fear of injuring myself inadvertently kept me in the house.  I could have listened to music or played on the Switch a bit.  I could have read or taken a bath.  I could have even sat in front of the tv and watched Grey’s Anatomy while having a drink.  These are all things that help me, but I decided to do something else instead.

I took out my rudimentary watercolour supplies, opened up my Pinterest board and got to work on one of my monthly objectives: painting some watercolour feathers.  I’ve only discovered watercolours recently and though I can’t say I’m particularly talented, it is something that I really enjoy doing (which is the most important part!).  There’s just something about seeing the colours run and mix with one another that is calming.  It’s almost meditative.

My first attempt at painting feathers and only about my fifth time using watercolours.  I really love the centre one.  Which do you prefer?

How do you reset your mind at the end of a long day?


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