Potty Training? Here’s What to Expect!

As you all know, I have four children.  Being that Charles is 6, Amélie is 4, Elliot is 2 and Adrien is 7 months old, the past 6 years of my life have been filled with diapers, tantrums and potty training.

Potty training…urgh…one of my least favourite parts of raising small humans.  Currently, we’re in the midst of getting Elliot potty trained aaaaaaaand every time he hits a  little milestone (the good and the bad), my brain goes into full flashback mode and brings up memories of Charles and Amélie at the same stage.

Good times…

In the spirit of letting you in on the good times, I thought I’d compile a list of what you can probably expect during your little one’s potty training phase.

  1. The 3 day potty training method is a myth: We used this method with all of our kids so far.  In a nutshell, this method encourages parents to get their kid psyched up beforehand, then, on D-day let them prance around unencumbered by undergarments or pants and fill them up with fluids while having them sit on the potty after a set amount of time.  The point is, though, by day 3 your little bundle of urine-soaked-clothing joy will definitely understand the concept of peeing in the potty instead of in a diaper.  However, unless you are extremely lucky they will not be completely potty trained by then.
  2. It’s a messy business: I know, I’m being Captain Obvious here, but it has to be said.  You’ll be wiping up so much pee and washing so much pee soaked clothing that your brain is going to want to explode.  Oh and poop, that too.
  3. Bowel movements will take longer to master: sounds pretty self-explanatory right?  But let me give you a bit more information.
    1. Your toddler might be afraid to poop in the potty and wait until they have a diaper on to take care of business (or go hide and leave you a “present” to find on the floor).
    2. Your toddler might have peeing accidents when they need to poop because they haven’t yet figured out what their body is telling them exactly.
  4. Expect a regression (sometimes many): at one point, you’re going to want to give yourself a clap on the back and say to yourself “hey, great job papa/mama! that really wasn’t so bad!”.  That will be your toddler’s cue to start contributing enthusiastically to your already overflowing pile of laundry.
  5. Hand-washing is a good way to cause accidents: a word of advice – have your kid go pee before they wash their hands (especially if they haven’t gone in while).  The amount of times my kids have peed at the sink by accident makes me want give myself a good ol’ fashioned eyeroll.
  6. Expect accidents right in front of the toilet/potty: there will come a time when you won’t need to remind your kiddo to go relieve him/herself.  However, since they’re still learning, they often only feel the need to go when it’s almost too late and the time it takes to remove their pants is enough for their bladder to empty itself on its own accord.
  7. Be prepared to repeat the words “do you need to go potty?” ad nauseam: pretty self-explanatory
  8. You’ll spend too much time than you’ll care to admit thinking about/speaking of/celebrating/looking at human excretions: Yep, that’s all I really want to say about this one haha.

Is there anything you would add to the list?  Can you relate?


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