Lunchpiration (March 23rd 2019)

Hello everyone!

Here’s my weekly “lunchpiration” post in which I share what I packed for my kindergartener’s lunch for the previous week.  As a reminder, the lunches have to:

  • include a snack (school requirement)
  • be peanut-free (school requirement)
  • not require a microwave (school requirement)
  • be diverse (Charles’ requirement)
  • not contain any disposable wrappers (in line with our zero waste philosophy)
Snack: citrus-cocoa bread and aged cheddar.  Lunch: leftover chicken thigh, flatbread, coleslaw, green grapes, plain Greek yogurt with maple syrup and shamrock sprinkles.
Snack: plain Greek yogurt with red grapes.  Lunch: smoked salmon and quinoa sushi cones with soy sauce.  tomato and dill pickle salad, dried apricots and citrus-cocoa bread.
Snack: plain Greek yogurt with maple syrup and frozen blueberries.  Lunch: Cereal with a chocolate chip cookie bar and a banana.
Snack: red and green grapes with aged cheddar cheese.  Lunch: Leftover linguini and courgette noodles in a butternut squash sauce and a slice of chocolate chip bread for dessert.
Snack: plain Greek yogurt with maple syrup, frozen blueberries and homemade granola.  Green beans and a piece of chocolate chip cookie bar to accompany his special pizza lunch at school.

That’s it!  Please let me know if you would like the recipe for any of the individual elements and I’ll be happy to share.  Also, if you would like to join in and share your own “lunchpiration” ideas, feel free to share a link via the comments section.



3 thoughts on “Lunchpiration (March 23rd 2019)”

  1. Wow! Un petit de 6 ans qui mange des sushi rolls! C’est impressionnant, quoi que je ne suis pas si surprise que cela dans le fond… Tes enfants mangent tout!

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