Fun Activity to Share!!!! [Free PDF Download]

Hiya everyone!

I mentioned a couple of days ago that someone from had contacted me to see if I would like to share a worksheet with you all.  I have to say that I was thrilled that they thought of me and was super eager to write up a post to share it.  You guys, I promised a worksheet and ta-da!  Here it is!


Winter Maze Worksheet | Winter Maze Answer Key

It’s a cute Winter-themed maze and it is PERFECT for this time of year because it’s finally time to put away all of the mittens and hats (yay!).

I think it would be a great way to kick off Spring cleaning by having the kids start at the mitten end of the maze and find the way out.  After that, the they could get active by finding all of the Winter gear around the house and rounding them up so that they can be washed and put away until Winter is back (hopefully not for another six months).

I know it seems like a simple activity.  I mean, it’s just a maze, right?  However, it’s an activity that is super easy to adapt to cater to many ages.  I came up with a few other ways to use the maze and even tried a couple out with the kiddos! (And I’d love to hear you own activity ideas for the Winter maze!).

Other activity ideas for this maze

  • Do a timed run and see how quickly the maze can be solved.
  • Work on fine motor skills by trying to avoid touching the walls.

    Working hard on avoiding the walls.
  • Develop your child’s ability to plan and self-regulate (two important executive functions) by challenging him/her to complete the maze without backtracking.
  • Recreate the maze with LEGO blocks.

    Working together to create the maze.
  • Work in teams of two with one person giving instructions (up, down, left, right, stop) and the other following them while blindfolded.

As you can see, this simple-looking maze can be adapted to be used with different ages. Though my 2 year old was too young, Amélie (4) solved it without touching the walls and Charles (6) recreated the LEGO version.

Kids of all ages will love finding their way through this fun maze! Be sure to check out for more early learning activities!


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