April Blogging Challenge Day 1: Something Beautiful

Today is day one of the Be Happy Challenge and I’ve got to say that I am so excited to start!  I’ve been wanting to do a blogging challenge for a while now but never really found one that I was fully inspired with.  Until now.

Today’s theme is “something beautiful”.

Now, you know, there are many things that I find beautiful and that is kind of the beauty of the theme (see what I did there?) – the possibilities are endless!  Now, there are many things that are beautiful to me, but honestly, one very clear image came to mind as soon as I read the prompt for today:


Charles and Elliot (March 2017)


IMG_5985 4
Elliot and Adrien (August 2018)


Elliot, Adrien and Amélie (March 2019)

What makes my heart swell with happiness the most, what I find most beautiful in life currently is the absolute love that my children have for one another.  It is apparent in their actions, in their reactions, in their words, in their choices.  They have a beautiful bond for which I am super grateful.

What do you find beautiful?

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