April Blogging Challenge Day 4: Something That Makes Me Happy

You know, for today’s prompt, I’m going to steer away from the obvious answer.  My family makes me happy, there’s no question in that.  Honestly, I could write a whole novel on the subject, but I feel like being a bit quirky with today’s theme.  Instead of talking about one thing that makes me really happy, I’m going to list ten of the smaller/weirder things that bring joy to my life.

  1. Taking a shower alone (read: when everyone’s still sleeping or no one else is in the house).
  2. Eating the crispy bits on a baked pasta dish.
  3. Buying a new pair of shoes.
  4. Kneading dough by hand.
  5. Watching a thunderstorm through the windows.
  6. Solving an algebra problem.
  7. The smell of a bedspread that was left on the line to air out during Winter.
  8. Seeing the neighbourhood hares hop around our backyard.
  9. Sitting by a fire on a cool summer evening.
  10. Seeing the leaves change colour at the start of Autumn, the first snow of Winter, hearing the cheerful chirps of birds at the start of Spring, eating the first raspberries from our garden in Summer.

What is something that makes you happy?


4 thoughts on “April Blogging Challenge Day 4: Something That Makes Me Happy”

  1. Tous les sens sont à contribution: l’odeur,(drap séché à l’extérieur – bonne bouffe) le goût, (les framboises…oui,oui,oui!) la vue (changement de saison) le toucher (sensation de bien-être dans la douche) l’ouie (entendre le son des orages, la pluie et les oiseaux) Résumons: La Vie est belle. Je t’M.

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