April Blogging Challenge Day 6: Three Ways To Win My Heart

My heart has already been won.  Though I’d love to recount the story of how my husband and I started dating when we were both still in university, I’ll save his sanity just this once.  Instead of writing of the three ways to win my heart, I’ll concentrate on three of the reasons he has remained the champion of my heart after over eleven years as a couple.

1. He’s a kid at heart

This guy likes LEGO.  Like, he REALLY likes LEGO – to the point of belonging to a LUG (club recognized by the company) and having a full room dedicated to the bricks in our garage.  He’s also a gamer, he enjoys playing board games and he likes anime (which is something that he introduced me to).  The best part is that he totally embraces his inner geek and really doesn’t care that others might think he weird or too old to like what he likes.  He’s unapologetic about his interests and I love that about him.

2. He’s dependable

My husband is an accountant.  Thinking and talking about money (saving, speculating, budgeting, planning…) are things that come naturally to him and that he actually enjoys (THANK goodness because if it were up to me *retching sound*).  I like that I won’t ever have to worry about finances with him.  I also enjoy the fact that he enjoys having a stable job.  Though he’s recently changed jobs, it was after seven years with the same company he didn’t just decide to up and leave on a whim with no back-up plan.  I find that reassuring and it’s just another reason why our relationship has worked for over a decade.

3. He likes to eat

Sweet tooth?  Check!  Salty tooth (is there such a thing?)? Check!  Adventurous?  Check!  Bottom line, he enjoys food and I do too!  We’ve been to so many restaurants (just the two of us and with the kids)!  He’s always up for trying new things.  Making dinner is fun because I know that he’s going to enjoy what I cook/bake!  Plus, he’s got a mean talent when it comes to barbecuing (which is pretty much the ONE thing that I do not do haha!).

What does it take to win your heart?


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