April Blogging Challenge Day 7: If I Had A Superpower

You know it’s funny.  If this prompt had been a few days before today or a few days after today, my answer would have probably been quite different.  I remember playing around with a few ideas when I first saw it all of which seemed really quite amusing.

But last night was a really bad night.  On one hand, though Charles’ fever had finally broken yesterday morning, he was coughing a lot.  His coughing worsened once it was bedtime and kept him awake way beyond his usual bedtime.  I gave him some water, a spoonful of honey, rubbed his chest and back with some vapour rub and eventually gave him some cough syrup, but nothing seemed to help.  He was crying and frustrated because his tummy hurt from coughing so much and he wasn’t able to fall asleep.  As I held him in my arms, I couldn’t help but wish that I could just wave a magic wand and take away his cough and aching belly so that he (and I) could finally get some rest.

Then there was Elliot.  Poor little guy.  He’d had a low-grade fever all day, but during the evening and night it worsened.  The first time he woke up crying I thought he had just fallen out of his bed.  But he was hot and after checking, I realized that his temperature had shot up to a little over 103F.  I gave him some acetaminophen  and some water and put him back down in his bed.  But about four hours later, he woke up again crying (waking up his big brother who started coughing again).  In hindsight, I’m pretty sure that he’d had nightmares caused by the high fever.  Indeed, this time, his temperature had risen further and was dangerously close to 104F.  I gave him some more medication and water and brought him into the living room where I put the two living room couches together so that I could lay down beside him and keep an eye on him while he slept.  As I lay there and comforted him back to sleep, I couldn’t help but wish that I could take away his fever so that he could finally get some peaceful rest.

Elliot is doing much better this morning and Charles is in pretty good spirits considering the crappy night he had, but if I could have a superpower, it would be taking away any pain and discomfort those close to me might have.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?


6 thoughts on “April Blogging Challenge Day 7: If I Had A Superpower”

  1. Bien oui la transmission des petits “virus” entre enfants est vraiment difficile à éviter, des moments difficiles pour les mamans et papas à l’affût des degrés de fièvre, remède de g-mère: prendre les enfants fiévreux et les tremper dans un bain d’eau tiède et/ou frictionner avec de l’alcool et par évaporation l’alcool peut baisser la fièvre) naturellement si la fièvre se maintient à 103 F et plus – il reste l’Urgence des H. (Des souvenirs me reviennent avec ta maman il y a bien longtemps déjà)

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