Lunchpiration (April 6th 2019)

Hello everyone!

Whoa!  I’ve been so busy with Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge that I completely forgot to post my lunchpiration post for this week!  Better late than never right?


Here’s my weekly “lunchpiration” post in which I share what I packed for my kindergartener’s lunch for the previous week.  As a reminder, the lunches have to:

  • include a snack (school requirement)
  • be peanut-free (school requirement)
  • not require a microwave (school requirement)
  • be diverse (Charles’ requirement)
  • not contain any disposable wrappers (in line with our zero waste philosophy)
Snack: red grapes and pumpkin seeds.  Lunch: leftover crustless quiche with a savoury cheddar & green onion scone.  Dessert: blueberry crumble bar.
Snack: cucumber slices and sharp cheddar cheese cubes.  Lunch: curried chicken with butternut squash.  Dessert: oatmeal & cranberry cookie.
Snack: plain Greek yogurt with maple syrup and frozen blueberries.  Lunch: Egg salad sandwich (with plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise and grapes).  Dessert: homemade icebox cookie (I know I promised a post on this one, it is coming up!).
Snack: blueberry, banana & pecan smoothie.  Lunch: porc tenderloin sandwich, fish-shaped mozzarella bites, carved radish (bonus points if you can recognize the design even though the photo isn’t superb) and carrot bites, plain yogurt with honey and cranberries, dried apricots.  Dessert: blueberry crumble bar.


You’ll notice that there are only four lunches.  That’s because Charles was sick at the end of the week.  I actually had to go pick him up at school an hour after classes had started because he wasn’t feeling well and on Friday, he ended up not going to school either.  He ended up with a fever of 103 which stuck for 36h and pretty much only slept and went through our stock of children’s Tylenol during that time.  Poor kiddo, he was so miserable.  But today’s he was finally feeling like himself.  He’s been coughing a lot but, at least, he’s gotten his energy and appetite back.

That’s it!  Please let me know if you would like the recipe for any of the individual elements and I’ll be happy to share.  Also, if you would like to join in and share your own “lunchpiration” ideas, feel free to share a link via the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Lunchpiration (April 6th 2019)”

  1. Originalité dans tous ces “lunchs” je remarque la préférence de Charles avec la salade aux oeufs, le remplacement de mayo par moitié mayo et yogourt fait partie de mes recettes en y ajoutant une ou deux gouttes de citron ou limette pour le “punch”. Gros bisous à Charles et à vous tous.

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