April Blogging Challenge Day 12: My Favourite Colour

favourite colour

When I think about my favourite colour, it’s largely contextual.  I mean, if we’re talking about clothing, I generally opt for more neutral colours (blacks, whites, greys).  However, I *have* been branching out of my comfort zone and dipping my toes (so to speak) into the world of purples and I must say that it is a colour that I am appreciating more and more.


One place where I am more expressive with colours is my footwear.  I have a thing for colours that stand out more.  And apparently, I have a thing for blues and greens.


But if we’re talking about just a colour, not necessarily one that I wear, but one that I like, it’s neither black or white, nor is it blue or green.  Nope, this would be my favourite:


I’ve always loved yellow!  I love it because it’s so bright and happy.  It feels full of energy and warmth.

And, because I’m a total geek, I’m going to sign off with this little (rather fitting, if I may add) quote – let me know if you recognize it!:

Sunshine, daisies, butter, mellow.  Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!

What is your favourite colour?

Want to learn more about the April Blogging Challenge?  Check out the original post on Dreaming of Guatemala here.



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