April Blogging Challenge Day 16: Something That Makes Me Awesome

When I first saw this prompt, I wasn’t sure if I’d write about it.  To be honest, it kind of created a bit of anxiety in me.  I mean, I can rattle off what makes every one of my kids awesome.  I can tell you why my husband is awesome and why my brother and sister are too.  Ask me about my parents’ awesomeness, or that of my grandparents, friends and fellow bloggers and you can expect an answer within the second.

But me?

I mean, I can tell you what I need to improve.  I can tell you that despite playing the flute for the past 25 years of my life, I certainly don’t sound like someone who’s been playing for a quarter of a century.  I can tell you that even though I run, I don’t run very fast or very far.  I can tell you that I wish I was more patient with my kids, that I was better at strategy games and that I wish I wasn’t so darned awkward in social situations.  I can tell you that my crocheting, sewing, calligraphy and embroidery skills need work.

I think you get the point, right?

So yeah, I sat myself down and thought long and hard about this.  And I remembered something my mom has told me numerous times over my life (aren’t moms awesome?) – that as a child I wanted to try every activity that was out there.  If I could have, I would have taken part in all of the clubs that existed.  I was just so interested in everything.

And you know what?  I’m still like that!

Over the past few years, I’ve learned to crochet, I went from not being able to run more than 100 metres to being able to run a 5K.  I’ve taught myself how to sew and am in the process of learning embroidery.  I consistently make my own bread, pasta and pie crusts.  I’ve dabbled in cheese-making (and am researching yogurt-making).

The fact is, I’m still at it!  I’m still interested in so much!  I want to learn everything I can.  I’ll try pretty much anything once (I mean, provided it isn’t super dangerous or illegal).  I don’t get bored because there’s always something new to learn or try (like pottery, woodworking, weaving and OCR!).  And that, my friends, that is something that makes me awesome.

Is it hard for you to find something that makes you awesome?  What do you think makes you awesome?

Want to learn more about the April Blogging Challenge?  Check out the original post on Dreaming of Guatemala here.



2 thoughts on “April Blogging Challenge Day 16: Something That Makes Me Awesome”

  1. Awesome indeed! You know, I think I might pick something very similar about myself. My constant hunger for knowledge. I’m not the best at trying new things nor am I very good at finishing projects but I do have many interests and I’d love to know more about everything. I taught myself how to crochet and knit because I really wanted to learn. That was about 6/7 years ago and I don’t know if i’d have the energy to do it now. I really want to learn how to sew and I do have a sewing machine but I keep convincing myself that I won’t be able to learn on my own. I wish I could be as confident on my skills as you are 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget the most awesome thing of all. You’ve created life. I know you are more than a mother and that you shouldn’t be defined only by having children but is there anything more awesome than that? 🙂 Hugs.

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    1. Aww, thanks Cheila xx. You sound a lot like me – it’s always hard for me to share what I’ve done because of the lack of confidence, and, well, the procrastination doesn’t help either haha. But you know, go for it! Take out that sewing machine, go on Pinterest and Youtube and try something! It might not be as bad as you think (and you’ll assuredly learn something in the process – I’ve lost count of the number of needles I’ve broken lol). And yes, you’re right, creating life *is* pretty awesome :D.


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