April Blogging Challenge Day 19: A Goal I’m Working Towards

One of the goals I’m working towards is running in a 5km race!  I’ve actually already registered for the race that is going to take place on Sunday September 15th 2019!  I’ve also registered Charles and Amélie for the 1km race that takes place for kids 12 and under the same day.  It’s going to be a great experience for them and it’ll be fun training with them beforehand.

Now, I’ve participated in this particular race once before in September 2015 and though I finished it, I wasn’t able to run all the way through due to the fact that I’d injured my ankle a couple of weeks before the race.

So, my primary goal is to complete the 5km race without any walking breaks.  My secondary goal is to complete the race in 30 minutes or less.  Given that I still have a few months left, I think I’ll be able to manage.  I’m able to run for longer periods of time now and my pace is slowly increasing.  The last time I went out for a run, Tuesday evening, this is what I managed:


Considering it was my first 30 minute fun in four years, I was pretty pleased!

So, it nice and all to have goals, but they won’t really happen if there aren’t concrete steps in place to get there right?  Here’s how I’m planning on reaching my goal:

  • Actually register for the race (done)
  • Run three times per week (something I manage to do most weeks)
  • Use a training plan (this time around, I use Vi which is a virtual trainer, but when I first started running, I used couch to 5k and found it wonderful)

Do you run?  What is one of the goals you’re currently working towards?

Want to learn more about the April Blogging Challenge?  Check out the original post on Dreaming of Guatemala here.



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