Lunchpiration (April 27th 2019)

Hello everyone!

Here’s my weekly “lunchpiration” post in which I share what I packed for my kindergartener’s lunch for the previous week.  As a reminder, the lunches have to:

  • include a snack (school requirement)
  • be peanut-free (school requirement)
  • not require a microwave (school requirement)
  • be diverse (Charles’ requirement)
  • not contain any disposable wrappers (in line with our zero waste philosophy) – speaking of, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a pain of cloth sandwich bags!

Only four lunches last week because of Easter Monday.  And now, without further ado:

Snack: cucumber, tomato and bocconcini salad.  Lunch: smoked salad bites, cherry tomatoes, carrot runds, snow peas and a piece of Easter chocolate.


Snack: cherry tomatoes and Brazil nuts.  Lunch: ham sandwich, cucumber rounds and Doritos.
Snack: yogurt with maple syrup and homemade granola.  Lunch: iceberg lettuce salad with ham, radish, lentils, cranberries and green beans and a honey dijon dressing.
Snack: crackers and ham.  Lunch: shepard’s pie and a brownie.

That’s it!  Please let me know if you would like the recipe for any of the individual elements and I’ll be happy to share.  Also, if you would like to join in and share your own “lunchpiration” ideas, feel free to share a link via the comments section.


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