Growing Up!: 9 Months Old

Another month has already passed and now my baby is 9 months old!  I’ve been so caught up in this thing called life that I didn’t even see it coming.


As most of you know, we’ve had a rough month of April – getting hit with a flu, a stomach flu, a cold, and then another stomach flu.  Unfortunately Adrien wasn’t spared and though his flu wasn’t as bad as Charles’ or Elliot’s he got hit twice with the stomach bug.  The month of April also coincided with a wonder week which made things even more complex.  But all that seems to be behind us now, yay!


  • He rarely falls now when sitting and likes to get down onto his tummy to reach toys.
  • Still not crawling, but he manages to grab the things he wants by rolling around.
  • He is occasionally able to push himself forward while on all fours, but usually ends up face-planting as a result.  Oh well, he’ll get there eventually.
  • He is oh so very close to being able to go from an all-fours position to a seated position.


  • He had a rough month of April and a very low appetite due to sickness, but he’s finally regained a healthy appetite.
  • He most enjoys eating fish, bananas and easy to pick up finger foods (blueberries, raspberries, cheerios).
  • He still struggles with bringing his sippy cup to his mouth, but he’s gotten better.
  • He is still nursing four times during the day (upon waking up, before lunch, after his afternoon nap and before bedtime).  He sometimes wakes at night too (upon which time I nurse him).


  • He’s almost always smiling.
  • He babbles a lot and has started to imitate sounds (he’s gotten pretty good at imitating a cough for some weird reason… lol)
  • We’ve got a little separation anxiety going on.  If he sees me leave the room he’s in, he’ll cry, but if I manage to sneak out, he’ll play happily until he sees me.
  • He still can’t wave or clap yet, but finds it very amusing when his siblings or I do.
  • He needs a change of scenery more often during the day, otherwise he gets bored and starts yelling to get my attention.


  • We’re officially down to 2 naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
  • His sleep has been erratic over the past month due to sickness and a wonder week.
  • The afternoon nap is difficult.  It’s become a struggle to get him down.  I still haven’t figured out the best routine yet.  It’s a fine line between too much sleep and too little.

So, there you have it!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Growing Up!: 9 Months Old”

    1. We actually went through so many over the years before finding one that worked. For us, it needed to have a soft sprout, two handles, it had to be short and it couldn’t have a leakproof sprout. I’ve heard people having success with straws instead of sippy cups. My advice would be to try a few models until you find one that works for your daughter.

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