How Much Clothes Does A Child Need?

If there’s one good thing that came out of dealing with lice a few weeks ago, it’s that it allowed us to realize that our children have an insane amount of clothing.

Quite honestly, we kind of went crazy and washed literally every piece of clothing that they own whether dirty or clean. No drawer was left unemptied, no hanger was left clothed.

The end result was a veritable mountain of clothing. When my husband and I were going through the hours of sorting, it occurred to me that it was utterly ridiculous for them to have so much.

I don’t know what laundry is like at your house, but over here, it’s kind of a source of stress. Every day, I’m either picking up their dirty clothes to put it in the hamper or asking them to do it. Every day, I find myself sorting through the clothes that has been discarded on the floor of their room wondering whether it has been worn or not. Every day I’m doing at least one load of laundry and when I wash my kids’ clothing, I then have to spend an inordinate amount of time sorting it, putting away Adrien’s and Elliot’s stuff and arguing with Amélie and Charles for them to put away theirs (I abandoned the folding of their clothes about a year ago – a decision I do not regret!).

The point is, with four kids, I’ve got other things to do than stress so much over laundry and so, I decided that I would try limiting the amount of clothing they had.

Knowing that:

  1. I already wash their clothes every 3 days;
  2. They always wear the same things ;
  3. They like to be in control of deciding what they wear every day
  4. The putting away of clothing is a source of conflict

I allowed them to pick the following:

  • 5 shortsleeved tops
  • 1 zip up vest and 1 pullover (one of which with a hood)
  • 5 bottoms (Elliot and Adrien got 7 to account for potty training accidents and diaper leaks)
  • 2 pyjamas
  • 7 pairs of underwear
  • 5 pairs of socks

To say that Charles, Amélie and Elliot were enthusiastic about their responsibility of picking their clothing would be an understatement. They were thrilled (and one of the first things they did when they saw their grandparents was to show them how little clothing they had lol!).

Once we were done sorting, this is what was left:

So.  Much.  Clothes.

So far, it’s going great! The last load I did, took me all of five minutes to sort and put away. I haven’t had to argue with anyone about picking up their clothes, because there is so little of it that it’s easier for everyone to stay on top of.

And if we realize that we need a bit more clothing down the line or if the kids grow tired of wearing the same thing, we’ll just “return” the clothing they don’t want anymore and go do some basement shopping!


7 thoughts on “How Much Clothes Does A Child Need?”

  1. I downsized our clothes like this a few years ago and it has helped so much! Also, I definitely don’t fold most things, but Stephen (on the rare occasion that he does the laundry) folds everything!! 🤣

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  2. Awesome! I have WAY too many clothes which I’ve been slowly getting rid of (and they all are so childish and I want to grow up someday, lol). It’s tedious but worth it to see a clean shelf! Amazing post!

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    1. It’s crazy how much we end up with and I find it hard to find just the right amount! I’ve purged often in the past years and still feel like I could make do with less. And YES! Tedious describes the process perfectly. But it feels so good when it’s done!

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