Ten Thought Tuesday

Ten Thought Tuesday: May July 9th 2019

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  Here’s what’s on my mind today.

  1. I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by to leave a comment on my post about balance.  Your words of comfort, suggestions and solidarity have helped me immensely and I feel like I’m finally regaining some control.
  2. Adrien’s almost a year old and things have changed since my last milestone post.  I’m planning on writing up a post about his new skills soon.
  3. My flute recital at the end of June went really well.  I was super nervous, but well prepared and though I made some mistakes, I realized when listening to the recording that it wasn’t all that bad.
  4. Our backyard is looking amazing!  Our garden has really taken and we’ve already started harvesting the fruits (watermelon radishes, actually) of our labours.
  5. Last Friday, I went school supply shopping with Charles and Amélie.  Yes, I’m *that* mom lol.  Both were super happy and it’s really great to see that they are excited for school.
  6. I’ve started running with Charles to train for the race I registered him in at the end of September.  It’s great because Adrien is finally big enough that I can push him in the double chariot when I want to go running (and Charles can ride beside his baby brother when he’s too tired to keep going).
  7. I’ve recently discovered that amaretto mixed with fresh grapefruit juice and spiced rum is absolutely delicious.
  8. My little sister is officially married.  Her wedding was absolutely fantastic.  It’s so lovely to see the wonderful bond that she has with her husband and his family.
  9. I think I may have a pinched nerve or something because I’ve been having some issues with my arms (mostly my left) getting easily numb.  It typically happens during the night (total numbness) or when I’m sitting down for a prolonged period of time like when I do my daycare run (partial numbness).  I’m planning on talking to my doctor about it, but in the meantime I may just try to book an appointment with my osteopath.
  10. I need to have my oil changed and booked an appointment on Friday morning.  I’ll have all four kids with me, so I’ll definitely be bringing the baby carrier with me and going to run a quick errand on foot with them so I’m not stuck in a waiting room while it gets done.

I hope you are having a great day!  What’s on your mind today?


5 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: May July 9th 2019”

  1. Hey Sophie! It’s great that you’re taking a breather and are more relaxed now! Wow, you’re really productive!! Congrats on your flute recital ☺ Also, I published my Q&A post which you gave questions for, so I’d really appreciate it if you could check it out! 💙 Have a wonderful day!

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