Ten Thought Tuesday

Ten Thought Tuesday: July 30th 2019

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  Here’s what’s on my mind today.

  1. I’m finally getting on top of this “balance” thing.  Which explains why I haven’t been blogging much, but now that I have a good rhythm going in other aspects of my life, I can finally turn my attention to blogging again.  For now, I plan of posting once a week on Tuesdays.  At the moment, Ten Though Tuesday is what’s going to be easiest for me to handle because it doesn’t require any research and doesn’t require me to remain concentrated on the same subject for an extended period of time.
  2. Starting Thursday, I’m going to be training again.  I recently had a free trial at Orange Theory Fitness and I absolutely fell in love with the concept.  The staff is absolutely awesome, the ambiance is great, the actual training is well thought out and it is all very motivating.  I’ll be going Tuesdays at 5:30am and Sundays at 9:30am.
  3. I’ve also finally managed to find a good way to get some more reading in: audiobooks!  I know that technically, I’m listening and not actually reading, but I just don’t have the time or concentration to read right now (I’m sure I could handle a light novel, but not anything that requires much concentration).  I listened to 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari and found it outstanding.  Then, I decided to get an Audible trial and used my free credit to download Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind by the same author.  I’m able to listen to about one book per month and figure that listening to 12 per year is definitely better than the 0-2 that I’ve been averaging these past years.
  4. Our backyard has yet again changed.  Last Saturday, my husband a friend of his and I shoveled 6 tons of rocks into the hole we’d excavated to start forming the base of our terrace.  Our project is advancing slowly but surely and we’re hoping that it will be done by September.
  5. Despite the lack of rain over that past three weeks or so, our garden is THRIVING!  We have so much kale and swiss chard right now that I have trouble keeping up.  Our radishes and beets flourished and our cucumber supply seems never-ending.  As for our tomatoes – once they start ripening, we’ll have to freeze some because we certainly won’t be able to keep up!  Also, our garlic is almost ready to be harvested (yay!).
  6. Adrien turned one a couple of days ago!  I can’t believe how quickly the past year has flown by!  He’s not walking yet, but he’s cruising.  He’s now got ten teeth (top and bottom incisors and bottom premolars).  He’s also got a few words in his vocabulary now: maman, papa, hey, encore (again), allo and aha.
  7. Since we hadn’t had a cake to celebrate Elliot’s birthday (last June), I made one on Sunday for he and his brother.  I worked with fondant for the first time in my life and I can’t say that I really enjoy it.  I mean, I didn’t like the smell, and found it too sweet.  It’s also pretty sticky, but it would have helped if I’d bought the individual colours instead of buying white and adding my gel colouring to it.  I hate wasting though and didn’t see the advantage is buying a whole bunch of different packages.  Anyway, the cake turned out ok and the kids enjoyed it so all in all it was a win.
  8. Yesterday I went to a children’s museum with my mom and the kids and OH MY GOODNESS is was awesome.  The museum is geared towards 2-8 year olds and that aged range is totally appropriate.  The entry fee feels rather steep (20$ per kid that is 18 months and older and 10$ per adult) but it was worth every penny because all three of my paying kids had a blast.  We were there from about 9:45am to 2:00pm and we could easily have stayed until closing (5:00pm) without any of the kids getting bored.
  9. I’ve finally found a way to get the upper hand on my house.  I found a great Instagram account called Clean Mama and she posts one small task to do per day.  Mondays are bathrooms, Tuesdays are for dusting, Wednesdays are reserved for vacuuming, Thursdays are mopping, Friday is a catchall day (for what we weren’t able to get through during the week) and Saturdays is for laundering towels and sheets.  I love that the cleaning is separated into days as I find it less daunting that trying to do everything in one day.  Also, when I will start working again, we’ll be hiring a cleaning person to come to our house once every two weeks which means that it’ll be even easier!
  10. Did I mention that Amélie started piano lessons?  My flute teacher also teaches piano and recorder and my daughter wanted to learn so we signed her up.  Right now, I’m splitting my lesson with her (so we’re each getting a 30 minute lesson), but when I start working again, I’ll probably revert to my hour lesson.  So far, Amélie is really enjoying herself and is super motivated to practice so we’ll keep her registered for as long as she is having fun.

I hope you are having a great day!  What’s on your mind today?

2 thoughts on “Ten Thought Tuesday: July 30th 2019”

  1. Everything is looking great in yout yard, and what a blessing despite no rain the food is thriving. What a great day with the kids, and I wish I could eat cake like that and no one would bat an eye hehehe. Yes the one thing a day cleaning is great. I do it a bit different by doing one room a day but I am so happy you found a grove and that is all that matters 🙂


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