Ten Thought Tuesday

Ten Thought Tuesday: August 20th 2019

Hi everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  Here’s what’s on my mind today.

  1. Our fridge just died on us and the repair person can’t come until Friday so…yay…
  2. I now have to cook all of the thawed meat so that I can freeze it in my downstairs freezer before it goes bad.  On the plus side, we’ll have some ready-made meals for when I go back to work.  I ended up making a crustless quiche, some fresh lasagna noodles, a tomato shrimp sauce, some cherry-yogurt popsicles with the rest of my yogurt and a fresh batch of yogurt with one of our milk bags.  I grated and froze the two cheese blocks we had left and separated and froze the four eggs we had left.  We also put our last 4L of milk in the freezer which I will use to make more yogurt.  All in all, we won’t have needed to toss anything in the trash!
  3. Speaking of going back to work, that happens on Monday.  Eek!  In less than a week, I’ll be back at my teaching job, this time until I retire.
  4. This morning I went to the Ecomuseum with Charles and Adrien.  We brought along two of Charles’ friends.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.
  5. Our landscaping project advances.  The second layer of rock has been spread and flattened.  Now is just a matter of adding enough to make sure that there is a slight slope going away from the house.  I unfortunately don’t have any pictures today, but I’ll post an updated on tomorrow for a special Wordless Wednesday.
  6. I realized that I completely missed last week’s TTT.  My mind is seriously everywhere these days.
  7. I’ve been struggling with insomnia for the past two days.  I think that it’s the anticipation of going back to work.  I’m excited, have a whole bunch of ideas, but am also kind of sad that my maternity leave is over and nervous about Adrien going to daycare.  The last three times he went, he cried pretty much the whole day (except when they were outdoors, eating or during naptime – he was so tired from crying that he fell asleep easily).  It’s weird because he’d gone before and was fine.  I know he’ll get used to it and our daycare provider is absolutely fantastic (we’ve been with her since Charles started daycare 6 years ago), but still, it’s no fun knowing that your kid is winding himself up.
  8. I tried almond milk yogurt for the first time this week and it was absolutely delicious!  I’m planning on trying to make some myself.  Yum!
  9. I’m actually seriously considering becoming vegan or, at the very least, a flexible vegetarian.  I mean, the conditions that most farm animals are kept in are pretty appalling and for the past few years I’ve enjoyed the taste of meat less and less.  I don’t plan on diving headfirst and go all in though.  Do any of you have any tips (besides going to see a nutritionist)?  Any good books/websites that could get me started?
  10. Thursday will officially be Amélie’s last day of daycare.  They’re having a little party to celebrate during which they’ll be eating pizza and Smarties ice cream (which is the meal she and the other child who is starting kindergarten have chosen).

I hope you are having a great day!  What’s on your mind today?

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