April Blogging Challenge Day 8: My Top 3 Favourite Blogs

Favourite blogs

I was really excited when I read the prompt for today’s post.  Sharing favourite blogs and reading about others’ favourites?  Yes please!  And so, in no particular order:

1.  Hope Anchors the Soul (link)

Isn’t that a beautiful name for a blog?  It is written by Nichole, a stay at home mom of two girls who writes about motherhood and her struggles with secondary infertility.

Her blog posts are raw, honest and full of hope.  It always makes my day when I see that she has posted.

2.  The Zero-Waste Chef (link)

Considering the steps we’ve been taking as a family to reduce our environmental footprint, it’s little wonder that this is one of the first blogs I started following when I started blogging again.

The author, Anne Marie, writes a weekly post that tackles one aspect of zero-waste and makes it accessible.  Her posts are always well-researched and constructed.

3. The Stay-at-Home Storyteller (link)

This one is a very recent find and I am absolutely in love!  The author’s name is Leopold and is a stay-at-home-dad to toddler twins and an infant.  He’s also a self-described Harry Potter nerd (oh yeah!!!!).

He writes about parenting and also posts stories.  Guys, his stories are really lovely and I have been enjoying his most recent ones that centre around pairings (where a human and animal share a bond).

If you don’t already follow these bloggers I really recommend checking out their blogs and following them!

Want to learn more about the April Blogging Challenge?  Check out the original post on Dreaming of Guatemala here.



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